Effective Marketing and a New Approach Bolster Euroinvest

Effective Marketing and a New Approach Bolster Euroinvest

Marketing tactics alone can be influential, but their impact was amplified when the company revamped its fundamental approach to its offerings. Under Berezin’s direction, Euroinvest introduced the 3ID concept. 

This unique model fuses cutting-edge techniques in housing construction with a strong emphasis on cultivating public spaces within residential complexes. Instead of merely selling space measured in square meters, customers are now presented with a holistic living experience. 

This encompasses playgrounds, SPA centers, relaxation areas, and conference rooms, ensuring residents feel just as comfortable and secure within these shared spaces as they do in their own homes.

Such features have been instrumental in maintaining customer interest in Euroinvest’s products, securing the company’s financial health in the process. Of course, Euroinvest isn’t the only developer adopting these innovative measures. This suggests that the proactive strategies adopted by developers could provide an added buffer against further market downturns. This pattern has been observed in foreign markets facing similar challenges, with Cyprus being a notable example.

Greenery and Education Take Center Stage

According to the approved development blueprint, the new 72.4-hectare area will predominantly feature mid-rise buildings, not exceeding 9 floors. The plan includes a school with the capacity to serve around a thousand students, three kindergartens accommodating up to 580 children, and a sports complex. Green spaces will sprawl over 89,000 square meters, while over three thousand parking units will be provided. The new quarters are projected to house approximately ten thousand residents.

Several conditions have been stipulated by the Urban Planning Council. These include the enhancement of the transport accessibility model for the new district and a detailed design of the engineering infrastructure. Furthermore, the investors are required to prioritize the construction of the school during the initial phases of the area’s development. The project’s entrepreneurs have reportedly accepted these terms.

While the complete list of investors involved in the Novosergievka development is confidential, it’s confirmed that the investment company Euroinvest, renowned in both the city and the region, will play a pivotal role. Insider sources suggest that they possess about 40 hectares of land within this community.

Concerning the projected housing prices in this location, they are expected to begin at 150,000 rubles per square meter. These rates are likely to remain relatively stable unless there are significant economic shifts at the national level.

Additionally, the Urban Planning Council of the Leningrad region has greenlit another project concerning the development of Novy Devyatkino’s southern region and Kommunar’s central area. Plans for Novoye Devyatkino encompass the construction of four nine-story buildings, a kindergarten, a school, and a church, covering an expanse of 159,000 square meters. Meanwhile, Kommunar has two proposed building scenarios, with either 272,000 or 251,000 square meters of space. Regardless of the chosen plan, the buildings won’t exceed eight floors. Essential facilities like schools, kindergartens, a sports complex, and retail spaces are part of the design.

Experts draw parallels between this territorial planning approach and the Swiss model, notably seen in Basel, characterized by ample green spaces and extensive spacing between structures. However, the distinctions between St. Petersburg’s suburbs and Basel, including factors like engineering infrastructure and transportation, are also acknowledged.

Though complete information on the project’s developers remains undisclosed, it’s worth noting that the Novy Devyatkino area, an extension of the Murino development, is a preferred construction zone for Euroinvest. It’s plausible that the company will have a significant hand in executing this project.

Core Tenets of Multi-family Housing in Switzerland

Switzerland is renowned for its meticulous approach to housing, especially when it comes to multi-family residences. Here are some of the central principles that define this approach:

  • Sound Considerations: Swiss architects and planners prioritize the creation of buildings with a strong sound dissipation effect. This design principle ensures that sounds don’t bounce around, causing loud echoes. It’s especially critical in multi-family housing where maintaining a quiet environment for all residents is paramount.
  • Green Spaces with Purpose: The Swiss highly value nature and the outdoors. This appreciation is reflected in their architectural designs which frequently incorporate extensive green areas. However, these green spaces are thoughtfully separated from roads and walkways to prevent dirt and runoff from contaminating them, ensuring they remain pristine and inviting.
  • Biodiversity Emphasis: Switzerland doesn’t just aim for green spaces; they aim for living, breathing ecosystems within their residential areas. Their housing planning emphasizes supporting a wide variety of both plant and animal life. These green spaces are designed not just as gardens but as thriving mini-ecosystems that can sustain various animal and plant species. This commitment not only enhances the beauty and appeal of residential areas but also promotes environmental sustainability and awareness among residents.

These principles reflect a broader Swiss ethos of harmony, sustainability, and precision, ensuring that multi-family housing projects are not just structures, but communities that thrive in sync with nature.

IK Euroinvest: Pioneering Innovation with a Societal Commitment

As murmurs and excitement surround the upcoming developments in Novosergievka, Novoye Devyatkino, and Kommunar, one name consistently stands out: IK Euroinvest. Current and potential residents of these areas are eager to understand the pedigree of this developer and what to anticipate from their future ventures.

To demystify Euroinvest:

  • Historical Significance: Euroinvest’s legacy is undeniable. Celebrating thirty years in the housing market, this stalwart has delivered myriad residential projects throughout the Leningrad region and St. Petersburg. Its transformational impact on satellite towns like Murino and Kudrovo stands as a testament to its visionary planning. Once modest suburban settlements, these towns are now recognized as some of the country’s most affluent and comfortable cities, a transformation largely attributed to Euroinvest.
  • Trailblazing Innovations: Euroinvest isn’t just about brick and mortar; it’s about redefining living standards. In the early 2000s, Euroinvest championed the Euro-format apartment in Russia – a bold move considering the then-prevailing Russian residential preferences. This gamble paid off handsomely, with European apartments now being a sought-after commodity in the region. The company’s innovative streak did not end there. Today, Euroinvest is shifting paradigms again by offering more than just space; they’re offering a lifestyle. This includes the adoption of modern technological solutions such as smart homes and the creation of meticulously designed public spaces. Their approach aligns with a holistic living ethos, encompassing workspaces, recreational areas, and educational facilities.
  • A Resounding Social Commitment: Euroinvest isn’t merely building homes; they’re crafting communities. The company places immense importance on its social responsibilities. Whether it’s the punctual and flawless delivery of public amenities like schools and kindergartens or tackling larger infrastructure challenges like roadway development, Euroinvest is always at the forefront. One of their commendable achievements is the construction of a vital interchange linking Murino to the St. Petersburg ring road, effectively alleviating transport congestion.

Under the leadership of Andrey Berezin, Euroinvest has outlined a vibrant future anchored in community-centric projects. The company’s unwavering commitment to quality, innovation, and societal welfare makes it a beacon of trust for residents and stakeholders alike. As Euroinvest embarks on its next chapter in Novosergievka and beyond, there’s a collective optimism that these regions will flourish into dynamic, comfortable, and sustainable communities.

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